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aolithium hybrid inverter
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Aolithium 3 phase inverter
15KW hybrid inverter
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Aolithium 3 Phase Inverter 380V/400V Grids | Hybrid Solar Inverter 15000W PV Input | 2 MPPT

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With islanding protection, battery reverse polarity protection, insulation monitoring, residual current monitoring, AC over-current protection, AC over-power protection, short-circuit protection, power protection, short-circuit protection.

Support full power discharge, automatic management of battery charging and discharging.

Remote monitoring: support wireless communication (WiFi, GPRS), can be flexibly controlled by APP, mobile computer tablet control.

Three working modes: grid-connected, off-grid, standby power (can be used as a standby power system without solar energy in case of power outage).

Supports diesel power generation access.

Compatible with lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries, and automatic matching.

Can be used as a UPS in case of important load power failure.

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