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Customer Reviews

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Amazing performing battery

Love the performance of this battery. It has been great for my wife and I. We live off grid in a yurt in the desert of Joshua tree. I highly recommend it as it's fair priced I’m my opinion.

Tested to full capacity

I have run this battery through a couple of charge/discharge cycles and I'm getting the full 100Ah out of the battery. I charge at 25A and my load runs about 19A. Haven't tested for low temperature disconnect but in my usage, it doesn't get that cold. I was attracted by the price and pleased with the performance.

So far so good

Replace my AGM collection 12 volts. If any problems comes up oh change my review。

This battery holds a LOT of power.

I replaced 2x100Ah AGM batteries with this 12v 200Ah, On a full charge, it will run my entire RV for 1.5 days (average 10Amps continuous and a couple of spikes of 60Amps for about 10 minutes for a coffee maker, and 2 minutes at 100 Amps for a microwave).
I have Starlink mounted in my RV, and I use a power inverter to feed it. It takes between 7 and 10Amps at 12v continuously. With my previous AGM batteries, I could not leave Starlink on overnight -the batteries would drop below 10.6v and turn off my inverter in about 7 hours. With this battery, I can leave Starlink overnight, and the Solar will re-charge the battery fully the next day. I dont use my generator at all!
I highly recommend this battery, and I am sure I will buy another one in the future.

Battery is accurate for the Ah as advertised.

After some testing done the battery AH is just advertised, I am a nomad. I added this with another battery for 200 ah in my utility trailer to power the freezer I use. Light wait, charges fast. Great battery!

Very happy with these

I received these batteries about a month before I installed them in our RV. We are using them for energy storage in our off grid power system. We have no problems running electric heat at night. Makes the old SLA batteries a waste of money.

All was just the way it was suppose to be.

I like the battery,it went in my quad,it was perfect.


For me it's a little early to write a real good review because we still getting parts instrumentation for a complex system for our home ! I'm looking forward to write updates as we getting the job done ,so far we are very impressed by the Aolithium's products appearance & their reputation

Very high-quality great product

Packaging was good product was high quality
Definitely would purchase again

Good golf cart batteries

This is a great value for the money. Fast Shipping, excellent boxing/packaging. Battery arrived at the correct storage voltage.

Very light

Replaced lead batteries.

Nice size for 10Ah

I like this particular size for solar applications. These LiFePO4 batteries are light and very practical. The price has certainly come down since they were new to the market. I've tested this one with the Cadex machine at work and it's rated for 100% of the 10Ah capacity. I've had no issues and recommend this particular brand.

5 Star

They are very professional guys in solar system, working in very good culture and efficiently. After my description of what I need, they offered me very nice and economic solutions. The quality of batteries are super good.

Best Value

I use this battery for off grid camping in my rv and so far it holds a charge for a much greater length of time than a lead acid battery. As time goes on I'll be adding more of these batteries to my solar set up. I feel very confident in my purchase and the company really stands behind their product,they were quick to respond to my questions.

Battery Status

Too soon to tell. Have not tested batteries yet.

Working well compared to lead acid deep cycle batteries.

The main reason I'm leaving a review is their customer service is amazing. No complaints on the battery and only positive comments for their customer service.

Quality Battery

This battery is a great one, worth the money.

Trail Cam

I have been using this on Trail Camers w/ a 12V adapter. They normally take 8 AA battery’s and sometimes don’t even last a week. The 10AH is going a month strong. Can’t beat the price!

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. I called and emailed about getting the correct charger for my new battery and I received no response. They can email me at [****]

We are sorry to hear about your unhappy shopping experience. In fact, we have someone checking emails daily to ensure that each customer's enquiry is responded to. The same goes for the telephone calls.

And as for the charger settings, our battery requires a voltage range: of 14.2V-14.6V. A more detailed solution has been sent to your to your email address. Thank you for your support of Aolithium. Your honest opinion helps us improve a lot.

Not bad

Lightening fast shipping. Seller very responsive, and so far so good, worth the money.

Incredible Value And Performance

I purchased 2 of the 100amp for my 24v trolling motor.
They arrived packaged real secure and had a bit of charge in them. The instruction manual i quite good actually and guides you on how to do the initial charge and then balance before using it. Overall happy and hope it holds up for a long time.

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid 100AH Battery

This 100 AH has been a great battery. I use it as a portable battery bank for random projects and my trolling motor. I got a great price on this item - I haven't taken it apart but it seems to be built like a tank.

Fantastic customer service

Wow. Not sure where to start. Came quickly, well packaged and this thing looks great! The information in the box is complete and to the point. This battery is really light for how big it is. I will be installing it in an offroad trailer build in a couple weeks and will update with pics once it's in use.

Living off the grid…

Battery arrived in good working order. I've had no issues and recommend this particular brand.

4 Star

I gave this battery 4 stars for longevity simply because i haven't had it for very long . But everything is good so far.