Customer Stories
DIY VAN TOUR - Full-Time Travel Couple - Shower, Roof Deck, and Convertible Bed
Mathers On The Map, a famous channel on youtube, their VAN TOUR is finally complete and ready to share with us. We interview Kevin&Taylor to learn more about their journey.So let’s have a little tour around their van.
Installing Aolithium 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Batteries in my 1965 UNIMOG - Induction Cooking Setup
Victor Bart is an engineer and a carpenter. As a multi-skilled youtuber, Victor planned to upgrade his 1965 Unimo 404 RV with Aolothium batteries. What interesting changes gonna happen between Aolithium and Victor's RV?
Overlanding North America in a 4x4 Van • 11 Months & 25,000 Miles
Ben and Rebecca,known as @Outliers Overland on social media, started their journey in Europe since 6 years ago. Now they amass over 100,000 followers on Youtube and their adventure stories are continuing.
Trolling Motor Batteries - Lead Acid vs AGM vs Lithium LiFePO4. Is Lithium Worth It?
We interview Johnson, an fishing master who has been obsessed with fishing since he was a kid.  As a famous youtuber, Johnson always goes fishing by his refitted boat with his kids&friends. He is the ideal person to tell us how Aolithium batteries useful can be.