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AOLITHUM is committed to making a battery of about 500 US dollars with both quality and cost-effective, so that consumers can more economically replace their own lead-acid batteries, meanwhile can have more than 1,000 US dollars of the same type of battery's using experience.

Why are we so confident?

The production process of power batteries is also used for the production of aolithium 12.v 51.2v batteries. All batteries of aolithium use the same production line as the power batteries produced by the parent company HONGSHENG NEW ENRGY.

THE BMS and Bluetooth modules bring users a more intuitive experience, and more convenient temperature control.

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All A-grand cells and batteries used in Aolithium products are from EVE,BYD and CATL the three top suppliers for the most reliable quality

Global Storage System

Aolithium is not only sold in the United States, check out the aolithium global warehousing system for easier stocking.

Warehouse in California,USA


Warehouse location in Vancouver ,Canada

170-3771 jacombs RD Richmond BC

Warehouse in Germany

Am Pfahlgraben 4-10 35415 Pohlheim

Warehouse in France

rue Champ Macret 9023F ,Roye

Warehouse in THE UK

Unit 310, Fareham Reach Business Park Fareham Road, Gosport PO13 0FW

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What are you waiting for, to become a distributor of Aolithium batteries, booming your business and bringing cost-effective products to consumers.

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Yes,once you became a dealer of Aolithium battery we will offer your the special price list for you

Yes, we offer approved dealers dropshipping.

We work tightly with local express company and truck company to make sure every delivery is on the time.

Aolithium is not only sold in the United States, we can offer free shipping in the west EU and north America

Aolithium will do its very best to assist the dealer's business and would love to offer the best option based on the demands.