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Welcome to Aolithium Battery

Aolithium is a premier manufacturer and supplier of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). Our team has been deeply involved in the field of automotive grade LiFePO4 battery pack for 15 years. We control the complete process from the first idea to the delivery of finished LiFePO4 battery pack to customers. Whether you are an RV, marine, or off-grid enthusiast, our batteries are built to help you discover the places you love.
Aolithium products are certified with UL/CE/UKCA/UN38.3/Bluetooth BQB Listing/FCC ID/CE RED.

Aolithium Quality Build 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

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Here's Why Customers Love Aolithium

Bought 2 from Aolithium, They are very good at sending email and answering questions. Did some basic testing out of the box and both are fully charged and same state and ready to go. Installing them this weekend into my camper.

Jone Smith

Amazed at their build quality and serviceable. They run perfectly. Especially the Bluetooth app, I can see the battery data in real time through the mobile app, no need to buy additional data collectors. Great battery.

Jarrod T

Had my 4 100AH 12v Aolithium Batteries for about 6 months now and I love them! No issues whatsoever! It works great with my solar panels. All of my questions and concerns were answered quickly. I like the serviceability of this setup. I will be purchasing more to add capacity for off the grid camping.

Will Ham

Perfect! Through the integrated Bluetooth interface, the battery status can be monitored on-demand via phone. Laboriously wired battery monitors are no longer needed.

Asher Ajja