Server Rack Battery: 10 Reasons You Should Choose Aolithium 

    Aolithium server rack batteries are the Queen class of 51.2V 100Ah batteries. LiFePO4 server rack battery is the best type on the market today. Built-in intelligent BMS. once purchased, you will receive free cables and racks. It is available to customers from USA, Europe and Canada. If you're comparing Aolithium to other brands of server rack batteries, you need to know our 10 advantages first.

    1.Comprehensive Certification

    Server rack batteries have passed authoritative certifications, including UL list, UN38.3/ Class 9/ UN3480/ MSDS certification.

    2.Precision Craftsmanship

    The case of Aolithium server rack battery is made of copper metallurgical alloy. Rugged and durable. The battery successfully passed the harsh drop test. There are no punctures or leaks in the battery. The connecting wires of the battery cells are made of customized thick copper busbars to ensure overcurrent capability and greatly reduce the possibility of cross polarity. Also not to be overlooked are the advanced mounting plate and bolt technology, which are more robust battery structures. You can install the server rack battery in any direction without leakage.

    • Copper alloy housing
    • Thick copper busbar cell connectors
    • High-quality fixing plates and bolt technology
    • Waterproof / Corrosion-proof: 6.0 Single pole angled connector (IP67), salt spray rating 144H

    3. High Quality Materials

    The performance of server rack batteries is closely related to the materials used, Aolithium uses prismatic EVE LiFePO4 cells and T-rated fuses. The prismatic cells provide higher energy density and lower loss, while the T-rated fuse protects the battery effectively.

    4. Built-in Intelligent BMS

    We use JBD BMS, which is a programmable software board unlike the hardware boards used by the same industry. Because BMS is the brain center of the battery, we need it to be expandable. Our BMS connects to 6 temperature sensors and can also control batteries, inverters, etc. via communication protocols. Powerful expandability makes our server rack batteries stand out.

    5. Resistant To Extreme Temperatures

    The server rack batteries can be discharged at -20°C to 60°C and can also be stored at -10°C to 30°C. This covers extreme weather in most parts of the world. This means that there is no place where the weather is not resistant to this battery.

    6. LCD Screen

    Server rack batteries serve as very convenient plug and play batteries. Having an LCD screen will be even more convenient. You can directly monitor key data such as battery voltage, current and temperature through it. You don't need to buy additional equipment such as voltage measuring devices. This saves you another amount of money.

    7. Most Comprehensive Communication Protocol

    Aolithium server rack battery has RS485A/CAN and RS485B communication, which is perfectly adapted to more than 20 major brands of inverters, such as Pylontech, GoodWe, Deye, Megarevo, Victron and so on. You will not face the situation of difficult to adapt.

    8. 15+ Years Lifespan

    As a deep cycle battery, our server rack battery can cycle 4000+ times at 90% DOD and 6000+ times at 80% DOD. Under normal maintenance, you can use it for more than 15 years.

    9. Can be Solar Charged

    The server rack battery can be used as a part of UPS to be your home backup power. Connect the solar panel to design a solar system for your off-grid hut.

    10. Perfect After-sales Service

    We provide 8 years warranty and lifetime technical consulting service. You can leave your problems or concerns by email and we will reply you within 24 hours.

    Aolithium's mission is to give you the best quality energy storage products at the right price. Our products are designed in every detail to save you more money as well as reduce your worries for years to come.