Buy Best Server Rack Battery: 15 Things You Must Know!

If you are a newcomer and are planning to purchase server rack batteries as a home backup power source in UPS. You should definitely learn these 15 things about batteries in advance. You won't make any more mistakes in your purchase.


When you are shopping for server rack batteries, you must have brought a certain budget with you. Therefore, you go for the best battery when you see that the price is within your budget. But in general, the features of the battery tend to show a positive correlation with the quality. The higher the price, the better the function of the battery. Of course, do not exclude that there are very good battery price is equally beautiful. At the end of the article I will recommend for you.

2.Life Span

You definitely want the batteries you buy to last for a long time. Server rack batteries on the market today can basically last up to 8 years. The better ones, such as lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by Aolithium, have a lifespan of up to 15 years. Of course, you need to use them wisely, and master some practical repair methods. I believe the rack battery will serve you for a longer time.

3. Cell Quality

Usually, 51.2V LiFePO4 battery is made of 16 pieces of 3.2V cells in series. However, the advantages and disadvantages of the battery cells are not specifically introduced by the merchant. By dismantling the battery, we learned that the Battleborn battery uses cylindrical lithium batteries, with the same amount of power, the number of cells is relatively large, and the use of multi-parallel and multi-string grouping.

SOK battery uses a square-shaped battery, the same power using a small number of cells, but the cells are linked in series and parallel using aluminum row screw locking method. The process is simple and the shock resistance is poor.

Aolithium battery uses the EVE brand square lithium iron phosphate battery, using 2mm aluminum row high-power laser welding method of convergence, complex process, strong convergence capacity, and reliable structure.

SOK cells VS. Aolithium EVE cells

By knowing the different cells, you can know more details you want. In short, square cells are better quality than cylindrical cells. But there are also many kinds of square cells.


BMS is especially important for LiFePO4 batteries. If the BMS is built into the battery, it will provide it with low and high temperature protection, so that the battery temperature is constant within the safe range. But some brands of batteries ignore this. So you need to check the product description carefully when you buy.

5. Whether It Is Repairable

Most battery brands, in order to maintain the stability of the battery, and choose to weld the battery cells fixed. The disadvantage of doing so is that if one of the batteries fails, you have to replace the entire server rack battery. That's why serviceability is especially important for batteries. Aolithium and SOK, for example, have repairable battery cells. If there is damage, you only need to replace the broken battery cell. But compared to SOK, Aolithium has a more robust internal design.

6. Warranty

As consumers, we are especially concerned about the warranty period. Many battery brands such as EG4 only have a 5 year warranty. That's enough. But I'm sure you want a longer warranty. Aolithium can give you up to 8 years warranty.

8 years warranty

7. Whether It Is Easy To Monitor the Status of the Battery

If the manufacturer designed a display on the battery so that you can monitor the status of the battery at any time, you will choose such a battery? I think the answer must be yes. Therefore, when buying a server rack battery, you need to pay attention to whether the battery has a display. This is a plus point.

8.Unlimited in Parallel

Theoretically, there is no such thing as a battery with unlimited number of parallel connections, even if the vendor claims so. However, in order to store more energy, we still need to choose a battery that allows as many parallel connections as possible. Aolithium, SOK, EG4 all allow 16 units to be connected in parallel at the same time to store 81.92W of energy.

9.Quality Fuses

Many customers will not notice the fuse when they are shopping. This is because it does not appear in the product details. We usually get the details from youtube celebrities' review videos. But for sure Aolithium server rack batteries use a fuse that is comparable to a T-grade fuse. This is usually only used in very luxury batteries.

The T-grade fuse used in Aolithium server rack batteries.

10. Efficiency

During the whole discharge/charge cycle, we always want to lose as little energy as possible. Some batteries have an efficiency of only 80%. The best batteries always achieve 95%.

11. Self-discharge Rate

While we require a high efficiency battery, we also need a low discharge rate. Traditional lead-acid batteries, the discharge rate will reach 30%. Lithium iron phosphate battery discharge rate is basically maintained at less than 10%. What's more, excellent batteries can already control the discharge rate below 3% per month. Efficiency and self-discharge rate are important battery terminologies.

12. Whether It Can be Waterproof

Waterproof function is not necessary, but there are still very many brands that have taken into account this invisible need. If you also have this requirement, you may want to give priority to Aolithium. Their battery waterproof level is IP43.

13. Dimensions

If you already own or diy a rack for the battery. Then you must pay extra attention to the size specifications when buying batteries. Each brand of battery size is not quite the same.

14. Storage Environment

When shopping for batteries, you need to consider the weather conditions in your place. Although many batteries can already adapt to extreme environments. For example, Aolithium batteries can be charged at 0℃~55℃ and discharged at -20℃~60℃. The safe storage temperature range is -10°C to 30°C.

extreme temperature

15. Can It be Used As a Home Backup Power Supply

The reason you choose to buy a server rack battery must be to use it as a backup power source. Therefore, whether it can be connected to the mains like a powerwall is the last important factor you need to consider.

Aolithium server rack batteries are used as a part of UPS in home power supply.

Our Recommendation:Aolithium 51.2V 100Ah Server Rack Battery

You can learn more about the Aolithium 51.2V 100Ah Server Rack Battery that we previously introduced: 10 irresistible reasons to buy.
Aolithium is designed to be more rugged than comparable server rack batteries. To keep the battery safe, there are 4 temperature sensors and a programmable BMS embedded in the battery. The entire battery is waterproof, which is unique. The battery has a display so you can know the real-time status of the battery. liFePO4 battery has a long life, you can use it for more than 15 years. And the battery is serviceable.
Do you have any more features that you are more concerned about? You can leave your comments or send an email to info, and our electrical experts will answer them for you.

48V 100Ah Server Rack Comparision: Aolithium vs. SOK vs. EG4









19.22" x 22.75 " x " 7
(With handle and fixed bracket)

Width: 17.5in (Without ears - Fits standard 19" rack with ears installed)

Height: 7in (4 rack units)

Depth: 18in + 1 1/4" for handles / terminals

17.4" x 18.5" x 6.1"

Storage Temperature




Waterproof Level








Life Span

4000+ cycles @85% DOD, 6000+ cycles @80% DOD

15 years @80%DOD


Intelligent BMS, programmable

4 temperature sensors





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