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What to Look for in Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries [Aolithium 100 ah review]
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AoLithium has launched an upgraded version of of 12V 100Ah - 4S battery. Support 4 in series, 4 in parallel, or both in series and parallel to form a 48V 400Ah system.
Off-Grid Garage
So the connective、the service ability and the high discharge count were the three main features of this battery and none of the other batteries are offering these features.
Lithium Solar
This battery is great in terms of capacity and the safety features. And it's built extraordinarily well as well as clearly designed.  It built to handle 200 amp continuous discharge that it‘s rated for.
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Aolithium upgrades the Bluetooth App recently. I would say it’s impressive that you can see exactly what happened in each battery and all the information you need in one glance.