Why don’t Buy Used Lithium Batteries for Sale?

We know that there are many businesses in the market that recycle lithium batteries. It's a very environmentally friendly thing to do. And there are very many challenges in the matter of recycling lithium batteries. Lithium batteries themselves have much less impact on the environment than lead-acid batteries. But now, there are many businesses start to use used lithium batteries refurbished, and then re-sold. The price is much lower than a brand new lithium battery. This has attracted many users to buy them. But we strongly warn you, please do not buy used lithium batteries for sale.

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Why do merchants revive used lithium batteries?

1. Used lithium batteries can make huge profits

Usually the price of lithium-ion battery recycling is calculated by weight. According to the market price, the highest at $2.5 a pound, the lowest at only $0.93 a pound. If we add the cost of refurbishment on top of that, the cost of a used lithium battery is only 1/10 of a brand new lithium battery.

2. People can not distinguish between new lithium-ion batteries and used lithium-ion batteries

Many businesses are very sophisticated in their refurbishment techniques, so that people can not tell whether the lithium battery is new or used.

3. Cheap lithium batteries most people can afford

Usually the price of 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery is about $450. This is relatively expensive for many users who need to buy lithium batteries for camping or for fishing boats. But because the cost of used lithium batteries is so low, businesses usually only price them at half the cost of new lithium batteries.

12v li-ion battery for camper

Why don't you buy used lithium batteries?

1. Lithium battery performance is severely degraded

You have no way of knowing how many times a lithium battery was cycled before it was refurbished. Therefore, when the lithium battery performance decreases, the business may not tell you.

2. If the lithium battery package is broken, it will be harmful to human body

In the refurbishment process, the business may not be handled carefully and the lithium battery packaging is broken, which can be a risk of leakage.This is the solution for lithium battery leakage.

3. Risk of explosion

Used lithium batteries that have been used for a long time, it is possible that the battery has been damaged internally, causing bulging. If then charged and discharged many times, it will aggravate the problem. Lithium battery explosion has occurred many times, 80% of which are due to the use of second-hand lithium batteries.

The way to distinguish between original new batteries and used batteries

1.A simple way to distinguish the original new battery from the refurbished battery from the appearance

  • Check the production date of the battery

If the appearance of the battery has a clear battery production date, the production date is not more than 6 months, counted as a new battery, more than the old battery. Production date this is something that can not be changed, if you refurbished, the other party may be refurbished to remove the date, if the new battery, the production date will certainly be very clear.

  • Check the appearance of the battery

A closer look at the exterior of the battery, battery refurbishment, no matter how to deal with the point surface (shell) will leave traces of refurbishment, if you do a perfect refurbishment, the cost will be too high, the loss is not worth it. Of course, if it is a new replacement of the battery shell and other components, then you can not just judge by the appearance of the original new battery or refurbished battery, this has to be done from the internal nature of the battery.

  • Whether the battery is bulging

The battery appearance plane for careful viewing, check whether the surface of the battery has a sense of bulging. If there is, it is an old battery, if not, it is impossible to judge for the time being.

  • Are there traces of battery wiring ports

There are a lot of terminals on the battery, if it is new, it must not have any solder marks. If you refurbish it, it must be soldered, then this time there will be traces of welding.

The above points are a simple judgment of the appearance of the finished battery, if it is the use of lithium cell assembly plus shell, then the external components for some bad business, the replacement is a very simple matter. This will be very difficult to distinguish the battery is the original new battery or refurbished battery, encounter such a situation what should we do?

2.The way to distinguish the original new battery from the refurbished battery from the intrinsic nature of the battery

  • Looking for a few businesses in capacity, voltage, current housing and other aspects of basically the same battery products, it is best to choose the previously bought, after using their own business products that are the original new battery, the same conditions to compare the weight between them, the old battery due to the problem of capacity decay, the same capacity specifications, the weight of the new battery will be heavier.
  • If the capacity is falsely marked, it can only be measured using special measuring tools, which is estimated that many friends do not have the conditions, the rest can only be compared through the actual use of the product, used under the same conditions, the consumption of the old battery is certainly fast.
  • Calculate the size of the internal resistance of the battery, generally speaking, the refurbished old battery internal resistance is generally large and is easy to heat up when using.

In fact, for those who don't do batteries, there will be a difference between original batteries and not original batteries. In fact, for those who do batteries, there is only the term new battery and old battery. There is no original statement. This is because for the manufacture of batteries, the battery is only divided into batches. That is, the same performance battery, production batches will have different cell parameters error, such as capacity, internal resistance, etc., even the same batch of batteries, there will be errors in this regard, so for the production and manufacture of batteries, only the old and new battery, there is no original and non-original said. The original and non-original for battery consumers refers to the product corresponding to the use of the battery is which manufacturer produced, is the original battery.

Why? Because the original supplier of the battery used in the product provides a battery that is customized in accordance with the requirements of the initial application parameters of the product, and the battery performance data is also tested before mass production. In short, the original battery is a better match for the product, so that's why people say the original battery will be better.

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