LiFePO4 Battery Review: Aolithium VS. Battleborn

Do you want to upgrade the lead-acid batteries you use to lithium iron phosphate batteries. You may have already compared Aolithium, Battleborn brands. But you can't know more. This article will give you an insider's perspective on why Aolithium is better than Battleborn.

Battery shape


The battery adopts cylindrical lithium battery. Under the same power condition, the number of cells is more, and the grouping method of multi-parallel and multi-string is much worse than the square lithium battery system in terms of system safety. And the welding method uses resistance welding process, which is less resistant to vibration. The welded joints are easy to rust and oxidize. Secondly, the battery reflow adopts nickel-plated steel belt sink, which is low cost and has poor sink capacity. Safety hazards are easily triggered when used in high power.


SOK battery uses a square-shaped battery, the same power using a small number of cells. But the cells are linked in series and parallel using aluminum row screw locking method. Simple process and poor shock resistance, but easy to maintain and replace.


Aolithium battery uses the EVE brand square lithium iron phosphate battery, using 2mm aluminum row high-power laser welding method sink, complex process, strong sink capacity. The battery structure is solid and has a service life of up to 10 years.

Features of square cells

  • High reliability of square-shaped battery package.
  • High system energy efficiency.
  • Relatively good stability as an additional benefit of the simplicity of the system.
  • Relatively light weight and high energy density.
  • relatively simple structure and relatively easy expansion, making it an important option to increase energy density by increasing the capacity of a single cell at present.
  • relatively simple system composition due to the large capacity of the single cell, making it possible to monitor the single cell one by one.

Cylindrical lithium battery vs. Square lithium battery

  1. Battery shape: square size can be designed arbitrarily, while the cylindrical battery can not be compared.
  2. Multiplier characteristics: cylindrical batteries welding multi-pole lug process limitations, multiplier characteristics are worse than square multi-pole lug batteries.
  3. Discharge platform: the same positive and negative electrode materials and electrolyte lithium batteries, theoretically, the discharge platform should be the same, but the square lithium battery discharge platform is slightly higher

Battery case internal connection cables

Battleborn battery and sok battery cases use more cables for internal connections, while Aolithium uses more flexible copper connections. The comparison is as follows.

  1. Current carrying: copper wire carries high current, cable carries small current
  2. Use characteristics: copper installation is flexible, not easy to install errors, and can be used for many electrical devices at the same time to take power; cable installation and production trouble, each electrical device must be independently put wiring.
  3. Heat dissipation performance: copper heat dissipation method for the overall heat transfer, heat transfer efficiency, heat dissipation is good; cable heat dissipation is poor.
  4. from the insulation and safety of copper than the cable is better.

Bluetooth Module

SOK batteries and Battleborn batteries do not have Bluetooth modules. Aolithium battery products have Bluetooth modules with pcb antennas inside. It can also provide Bluetooth communication for Bluetooth interconnection communication module. You can successfully complete the data transmission over short distances without considering the location of use or the direction of use. Because there are antenna parts to undertake the mission of transmitting and receiving commands.

Hardware board VS. software board

SOK battery and Battleborn battery use both hardware boards, our product uses a software board.

A hardware board is a protection board without a chip that can be programmed. It is just connected according to a specific circuit. The parameters of the protection board are fixed. This type of protection board generally low cost, simple function, it is difficult to realize the logic of the special control requirements. Hardware board does not have NTC temperature sensor, only temperature switch, only at high temperatures to cut off the charge.

Software boards, on the other hand, are hardware boards with programmable chips added to them. This type of protection board can realize many special functions in addition to the basic functions. Just by modifying the program and adding peripherals, any function can be realized. There is a temperature detection function.

SOK battery disadvantages

SOK battery uses a cylindrical lithium battery are connected in parallel, the current are converged on one side, resulting in unbalanced current. Unbalanced current will make some modules flow too much current. Long-term operation will make the module heat up seriously, resulting in high chip temperature and damage, and reduce the stability of the system. This will bring serious hidden dangers in battery operation; secondly, some modules have low current, and the capacity cannot be fully utilized, which is not conducive to the improvement of system power density. There must also be a unique protection circuit to avoid overcharging or overdischarging. The organic chemical specific performance at the rounded edges is poor, and the reduction in battery performance over long periods of operation is relatively significant.

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