LiFePO4 Batteries for Sale List (Black Friday)

Black Friday is coming! - One of the most awaited shopping seasons of the year!

As consumers around the globe gear up to grab the most exciting deals, the world of technology is no exception. With this in mind, we've meticulously curated the sale list for LiFePO4 Batteries for Black Friday.  

LiFePO4 batteries stand out in the energy storage market, offering advantages in safety, lifespan, and overall performance. As the demand for reliable and sustainable power solutions grows, these batteries are rapidly becoming the go-to choice for many.

Whether you're an avid tech aficionado, an environmentally conscious consumer, or someone simply aiming to snag the best Black Friday bargains, our in-depth list is crafted to guide you through the top LiFePO4 battery deals this shopping season.

Let's electrify your Black Friday with some informed choices!

List of LiFePO4 Batteries for Black Friday Sale 2023

Let's dive into the list of top 4 LiFePO4 batteries from Aolithium for Black Friday:

12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery With Bluetooth - Only 369$

The Aolithium 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery is a fusion of advanced technology and reliability, distinguishing itself in the competitive power storage arena. Its Bluetooth connectivity facilitates real-time monitoring via a smartphone app, making battery health and performance tracking effortless.

Originally priced at under $700, its value is accentuated by features like CALB Grade A LiFePO4 cells, promising long life and peak performance.

Its robust BMS, capable of managing a 2C (200A)<3min Max Pulse Discharge and a 100A max charge, is noteworthy. The design prioritizes user convenience, allowing easy component replacement. The laser-welded bus bar and substantial copper cables highlight its superior construction.

Its varied certifications, including ISO9001, UL, and CE, reinforce its global safety standards.

On this Black Friday sale, it's available for just $369. Grab this opportunity and elevate your energy solutions with this top-tier battery.

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51.2V 100Ah Server Rack Battery - Only 1299$

This Aolithium 51.2V 100Ah Server Rack Battery epitomizes advanced engineering. Its rackmount design allows for parallel expansion while maintaining a compact high energy density.

The LCD screen offers real-time monitoring of essential metrics, and the Smart BMS ensures each cell's status is diligently tracked. Its longevity is remarkable, boasting over 4000 cycles at 85% DOD and 6000 cycles at 80% DOD.

Adaptability shines with compatibility across major inverter brands like GoodWe, Megarevo, Deye, Pylontech, and Victron. Additionally, the battery's waterproof and corrosion-proof features, alongside a comprehensive set of certifications, including UN38.3/Class 9/UN3480/MSDS, solidify its position as a market leader.

For those pursuing unparalleled quality and performance, this is an offer you can't overlook. Especially now, with the Black Friday sale, it is available at an unbeatable price of only $1299. Secure the future of your energy solutions; invest in Aolithium today!

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12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery - Only 369$


The Aolithium 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery is there on this list for a reason! This battery is a remarkable blend of cutting-edge technology and robust performance. Its Class A Prismatic Cells offer superior energy density and reduced power consumption. The battery's capability to provide 19,200Wh backup energy by supporting connections in both series and parallel is a noteworthy feature.

The programmable JBD BMS stands out, with 15 detection and protection functions ensuring comprehensive battery safety. With six temperature sensors, it guarantees optimal operation in varying temperature conditions.

Its deep cycle capability promises longevity with 4000+ cycles at 90% DOD and a staggering 7000+ cycles at 80% DOD. The detachable body design emphasizes user-friendliness, allowing easy maintenance and component replacement. Boasting a slew of certifications, it meets global safety and quality benchmarks.

This Black Friday, it's available in an irresistible deal at just $369. Secure superior power backup for your needs today!


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12V 300Ah Lithium-ion Battery - Only 899$


This 12V 300Ah Lithium-ion Battery from Aolithium is a powerhouse in the energy storage market -   blending top-tier technology with unmatched performance. With Class A Prismatic Cells at its core, this battery promises superior energy density and efficiency.

Offering a substantial 57,600Wh backup energy, it supports connections both in series and parallel, ensuring versatile energy solutions for diverse needs. The inclusion of JBD BMS is commendable, providing 15 distinct detection and protection functions, encompassing overcharge, short circuit, thermal protection, and more, emphasizing battery safety.

Its deep cycle prowess guarantees longevity, boasting 4000+ cycles at 90% DOD and an impressive 20-year designed service life. Additionally, its intelligent balancing function ensures optimal performance. With a suite of certifications, including CE, UN38.3, and UL1973, it stands as a paragon of quality and safety.

This Black Friday, at an unbeatable price of $899, it's a golden opportunity. Upgrade your energy storage game today!


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Essential Points To Consider When Choosing A Battery? - A Detailed Guide

1- Capacity and Size

The capacity, measured in Ah (ampere-hours), is a fundamental aspect of any battery, indicating how much power it can store. It’s imperative to select a capacity that aligns with your energy consumption patterns and needs. Additionally, the physical dimensions play a crucial role, especially for specific installations.

Whether for portable use, an RV, a boat, or stationary applications, ensure that the battery's size matches the available space and configuration. There are various Aolithium batteries available on sale for different capacity needs and requirements.

How Much Battery Capacity Do I Need?

The battery capacity you need depends on your daily energy consumption and how long you want backup power. To determine the appropriate capacity, follow these steps:

  • Calculate your daily energy usage by adding up the wattage of all devices/appliances you intend to power and multiplying by the hours they run daily.
  • Convert this total to watt-hours (Wh) or kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • Decide how many days you want backup power without recharging.
  • Multiply your daily energy consumption by the number of backup days desired.

This gives you the total battery capacity required. Remember to factor in some buffer for efficiency losses and future energy needs.

2- Cycle Life

The cycle life of a battery defines its longevity and durability. Each cycle represents a full charge and discharge of the battery. Batteries with a high number of cycles, such as 4000+ at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD), are indicative of a longer lifespan.

It's a critical factor to consider, especially when looking at the overall return on investment and long-term reliability.

3- Built-in Management System (BMS)

A Battery Management System (BMS) acts as the brain of the battery, overseeing its operations and ensuring its optimal performance. A well-designed BMS safeguards against potential threats like overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, and thermal anomalies.

 It's essential to select a battery with a robust BMS, as this will greatly enhance the safety, performance, and overall health of the battery.

4- Certifications

Safety and quality certifications, such as ISO, CE, or UL, are hallmarks of a reliable battery. These certifications mean that the battery has undergone stringent testing processes and meets or exceeds specific industry standards.

When choosing a LiFePO4 battery, ensure it has relevant certifications to guarantee its safety, quality, and reliability.

5- Temperature Tolerance:

Every battery has an optimal operating temperature range. LiFePO4 batteries, while robust, also have temperature limits within which they perform best.

Depending on your geographical location or the intended application (like an outdoor installation), ensure that the battery can handle both high and low-temperature fluctuations. This not only guarantees consistent performance but also extends the battery's lifespan.

6- Manufacturer Reputation

The manufacturer's reputation can often shed light on the quality and reliability of their products. Established and reputable manufacturers tend to invest more in research, quality control, and customer support.

This often translates into superior products, extended warranties, and responsive customer service. Always do some background research or seek reviews before committing to a purchase.

7- Price vs. Value:

While it's natural to be cost-conscious, it's essential to weigh the initial price against the value a battery offers over its lifetime.

A battery with a higher upfront cost may provide better efficiency, a longer lifespan, and advanced features, ultimately offering better value in the long run. It's always wise to consider both immediate and long-term expenses and benefits when evaluating options.

About Aolithium- Leading Battery Manufacturers In China

Aolithium, based in China, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality batteries specializing in Lithium Iron Phosphate technology. Established with a vision for sustainable and efficient energy solutions, the company combines advanced technology with precision manufacturing. Each product undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring global standards are met consistently. Backed by a skilled team and state-of-the-art facilities, Aolithium is committed to delivering reliability and excellence in every battery. As they continue to lead in the battery domain, Aolithium remains a trusted name for professional and efficient energy storage solutions.

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As the festive season dawns, Aolithium invites you to experience the future of energy storage with its premium range of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Known for their unparalleled efficiency and durability, these batteries are the pinnacle of innovation.

But that's not all!


This Black Friday, Aolithium is rolling out some exclusive deals that are too good to resist. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current system or diving into the world of advanced energy solutions for the first time, this is the moment you've been waiting for.

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