Van Life- Best LifePO4 battery for Van Life

Van life is a new buzzword in social media and the global community. You might have already seen the thrilling vlogs, photographs, and pictures and have gone through blogs and articles about van life. With the recent hype, many people are considering switching to van life instead of being physically tied to a single place.

If you love to travel and explore new places, then van life can be an excellent option for you. Living on the road with the freedom to move wherever and whenever you want can be a liberating and exciting experience.

However, when it comes to van life, it is crucial to have reliable and sustainable power sources. This ensures that you can live comfortably without any interruptions. One of the most popular power sources for van life is LiFePO4 batteries. Unfortunately, with several choices in the market, it might be harder to find the perfect battery for a van or RV.

This article will introduce you to Van life, its benefits, and the best LifePO4 battery for your Van life.

What is Van Life?

Van life is a modern version of nomad living. It is an alternative to the typical lifestyle based on a physical house. Van life means living in a van or an RV powered by a lithium battery, solar energy, or generator.

Van life is a choice of individuals who want to lead a minimalist life. This simple and sustainable lifestyle allows you to travel and discover new places, cultures, and cuisines with ease.

Benefits of Van Life

Van life has become a popular way of living due to its eco-friendly nature. Living in a van allows individuals to reconnect with nature and discover more about themselves, leading to improved mental and physical health. The main advantages of van life include these factors.

●     Freedom to move

Opting to live in a campervan or RV provides the flexibility of taking your home with you wherever you go allowing for unlimited mobility. This eliminates the need to search for hotels or lodges and the hassle of checking in and out of accommodations.

●     Minimalist lifestyle

The confined space of an RV or van restricts the number of possessions and materials one can bring along. This leads to a need to drop unnecessary items and declutter, promoting a minimalist lifestyle. The simplified approach reduces the burden of organizing and maintaining a clean living space.

●     Cost-effective living

The constraints of space and equipment in van life result in a reduction in living expenses. Choosing to live in a van or RV allows for a cost-effective lifestyle by eliminating rent and utility payments.

●     Nature-friendly life

Being closer to nature can help you in several ways. It allows you to observe the world and focus on the beauty of nature instead of the pollution of cities.

●     Self-discovery

Van life is the best way to self-discovery as it provides space, time, and peace. You can camp on any peaceful site and rediscover your interests and passions. Getting inspiration from your surroundings is an ideal way of self-discovery.

Power Sources for Van Life

So far, we have discussed what van life is and the main benefits of living in an RV or Van. Let’s now move to the crucial aspect of van life, the power source. Living on the road means relying on your power source for lighting, cooking, charging devices, and heating. This needs a reliable energy source for a satisfying and smooth Van life experience.

You can use solar power, generators, or batteries as power sources for your van. But, the most favored energy source for van life is LiFePO4 batteries. These Lithium batteries have many advantages over other power sources and are the most sought-after energy sources for RV and Vans.

What are LiFePO4 Batteries

LiFePO4 batteries are Lithium Phosphate batteries. These batteries are more reliable and sustainable than acid batteries. Lithium batteries are lighter in weight, have a greater life span, and take less time to charge. But with so many options in the market, how do you find the best LiFePO4 battery for your van? Don’t worry! We are here to help.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a LiFePO4 Battery for Van Life

●     Capacity LiFePO4 Battery

You don’t want your battery to shut down in the middle of the night, right? That would be a huge bummer! When choosing a LiFePO4 battery, consider how much power you need to run your appliances, lights, and other electronics. The capacity of a battery is measured in amp-hours (Ah). The higher the Ah rating, the longer the battery will last between charges.

●     The life span of a Lithium battery

A LiFePO4 battery can be expensive, and your wallet might not be happy with frequent purchases. Moreover, look for batteries that can withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks.

●     Weight of LiFePO4 Battery

The number of batteries installed in a van can add to the camper’s weight. Considering the point, select a battery with a suitable weight, ideally between 20 to 25 Pounds. Excess battery weight can affect fuel efficiency.

●     Charging Time of LiFePO4 Battery

The charging time of a Lithium battery also plays a crucial part in your Van life experience. With constant traveling and off-grid living, you can not depend on a battery that takes hours to restore power. LiFePO4 batteries are known for their fast charging capabilities. They can charge up to 80% power within 30 minutes or less.

●     Safety and Reliability

Safety first, safety second, and safety third! Van life isolates you from neighbors. Considering the non-traditional living approach, the safety and reliability of the LiFePO4 battery is a key component. Look for batteries that have in-built circuits to prevent overcharging.

Best LiFePO4 Batteries for Van Life

AoLithium, a reputable manufacturer of LiFePO4 batteries, has conducted extensive research and experimentation to create the ideal battery for van life. The 12V100AH Lithium Iron Phosphate battery embodies all the desirable features mentioned before. It offers a superior experience in terms of reliability and sustainability.

Advantages of 12V100AH LiFePO4 Batteries for Van Life

Here’s a list of features of the 12V100AH AoLithium battery that make it the best battery for van life.

●     The 4S Model

12V100AH batteries are divided into Normal and 4S Models. While the Normal model allows up to 4 parallel and 2-series connections, the 4S model allows up to 4 parallel and 4-series connections.

●     Inbuild BMS

Equipped with an integrated BMS and Bluetooth module, the battery allows for remote monitoring of the charging process via your smartphone. This feature protects against overcharging, promoting a longer lifespan and increased productivity.

●     Light Weight

AoLithium’s 12V100AH Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is suitable for van life because of its lightweight too. The battery’s lightweight does not burden your van and helps you with effective fuel usage.

●     8-Years Warranty

AoLithium batteries come with an 8-year guarantee. During their life span, the batteries provide greater productivity and are highly sustainable and safe.

●     4000 Deep Cycles

AoLithium batteries can be fully charged and discharged up to 4000 times without experiencing performance issues. They provide a reliable and long-lasting power source for van life enthusiasts. This exceptional durability translates to a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for energy needs.

How to Install a LiFePO4 Battery in Your Van

Installing a LiFePO4 battery in your van can be a straightforward process. But it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Here are the general steps to follow:

  • Choose a location for the battery that is well-ventilated and away from sources of heat and water.
  • Disconnect the old battery and remove it from the van. You do not want any mishaps on the first day.
  • Install the LiFePO4 battery in the same location as the old battery, if any. Focus on a ventilated area for better battery performance.
  • Connect the battery to the electrical system in your van according to the manufacturer's instructions. AoLithium batteries come with an instruction guide. Follow the steps for proper battery setup.
  • Test the battery to ensure it is working correctly. You need to be careful while connecting the wires.

Tips for Maintaining Your LiFePO4 Battery

  • Avoid over-discharging the battery: LiFePO4 batteries should not be discharged below 20% to extend their lifespan. Use a battery monitor to keep track of the battery's charge level and avoid over-discharging.
  • Keep the battery at a moderate temperature: High temperatures can reduce the lifespan of LiFePO4 batteries. Keep the battery at a moderate temperature and avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold.
  • Charge the battery properly: Use a charger specifically designed for LiFePO4 batteries and follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging.
  • Inspect the battery regularly: Check the battery's connections and wiring regularly to ensure they are secure and free from damage.


In conclusion, AoLithium’s 12V100AH LiFePO4 battery is an excellent choice for van life due to its long lifespan, reliability, sustainability, and lightweight design. When choosing a LiFePO4 battery for van life, consider the capacity, voltage, size, weight, and brand reputation. By following proper installation and maintenance procedures, you can ensure your LiFePO4 battery provides reliable and sustainable power for your van's life adventures.

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