Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries exist in our lives all the time, affecting all aspects of our lives, we live with cell phones, computers, electric cars, portable chargers with lithium batteries many people wonder how many types of lithium batteries and and what is the use of this article to popularize the types of lithium batteries and their respective uses it!

How many types of lithium batteries are there?

  1. Lithium batteries by appearance: there are prismatic lithium batteries (such as household energy storage batteries) square lithium (such as commonly used cell phone battery cells) and cylindrical (such as 18650 batteries)
  2. Lithium battery packaging materials: aluminum lithium batteries, steel lithium batteries, soft pack batteries
  3. Lithium battery from the positive and negative materials (additives): lithium carbonate (LiCoO2) batteries or lithium manganate (LiMn2O4), lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4), lithium manganese dioxide batteries.

Lithium Battery Advantages And Disadvantages And Uses

1.Lithium manganate battery (LiMn2O4)

Lithium manganate battery is a battery with lithium manganate as the cathode material. The nominal voltage of lithium manganate battery is 2.5~4.2v, and lithium manganate battery is widely used for its low cost and good safety.


  • Advantages: low cost, cheap price, good safety performance, good low temperature performance, discharge at minus 20 degrees can have more than 90% efficiency.
  • Disadvantages: poor high temperature performance, poor multiplier discharge, low cycle life, about 300 to 400 times, easy to swell.
  • Scope of use: Li-Mn2O4 batteries are mainly used as power batteries in the field of new energy vehicles.


2.Ternary polymer lithium battery

Ternary polymer lithium battery refers to the lithium battery using lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (LNCMO) or lithium nickel cobalt aluminate (LNCA) ternary cathode material, which is more balanced in terms of capacity and safety. The precursor of ternary composite cathode material is made of nickel salt, cobalt salt and manganese salt, and the proportion of nickel, cobalt and manganese in it can be adjusted according to the actual needs. The energy density of ternary lithium battery is bigger, but the safety is often doubted.


  • Advantages: high capacity, nominal capacity of 1250mAh, good cycle life, generally 600 to 700 times, better than normal lithium cobalt, good multiplier discharge.
  • Disadvantages: low battery energy density, safety performance is the worst of the three batteries, cycle stability at high temperatures and poor storage performance.
  • Scope of use: At present, the three yuan material polymer lithium batteries are widely used in the field of laptop batteries, the world's top 5 battery brands SANYO, PANASONIC, SONY, LG, SAMSUNG have launched the ternary polymer lithium battery.


3.Lithium iron phosphate battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery is a lithium ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. Lithium iron phosphate electric heat peak up to 350 ℃ -500 ℃ and lithium manganate and lithium cobalt only in about 200 ℃. It has a wide operating temperature range (-20C-+75C) and high temperature resistance.


  • Advantages: good multiplier discharge, no memory effect, can be charged and discharged, high cycle life, generally about 4,000 times, high temperature performance, 45 ℃ can still work normally, in the electric car on the use of charging very quickly, can be fully charged in 6 minutes, can be discharged 20 times.
  • Disadvantages: poor low-temperature, in the case of -10 ℃ will greatly affect its performance. Due to the lithium iron phosphate on the production process requirements to very high, low productivity, high cost, and therefore more expensive.
  • Scope of use of LiFePO4battery: LiFePO4 battery is currently the most excellent energy storage battery, it can be applied to RV, golf carts, fishing boats and a variety of power tools. In addition, it can also be used as energy storage equipment for solar and wind power generation; UPS and emergency lights, warning lights and mining lights.


However, it is currently widely used in the field of new energy vehicles and family backup energy. It is with the ternary polymer lithium battery and lithium manganese acid battery in the automotive field "tripod".


4.Lithium Cobaltate Battery

Lithium cobalt acid battery can be regarded as the originator of lithium battery cathode material, with superior electrochemical performance and high solid density. Lithium cobalt acid battery has stable structure, high capacity ratio and outstanding comprehensive performance. But its safety is poor, the cost is very high, mainly used in small and medium-sized batteries, widely used in laptop computers, cell phones, MP3/4 and other small electronic devices. Nominal voltage 3.7V.


  • Advantages: Stable structure, high capacity ratio, outstanding overall performance.
  • Disadvantages: Poor safety and very high cost.
  • Scope of use: Nowadays, it is only widely used in the market of digital electronic products, such as laptop computers, cell phones, MP3/4 and other small electronic devices. Very few of them are used in automobile power batteries.


The above is the introduction of the types of lithium batteries and their respective uses, I believe that through the above introduction you have an understanding of the types of lithium batteries, advantages and disadvantages and their respective uses.

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