4 Best Golf Cart Batteries 2023. Especially Aolithium!

Are you considering a battery replacement for your golf cart? If the lead acid battery you are using in your golf cart is facing the end of its life, then you should definitely prioritize lithium ion batteries. With the popularity of golf carts, it is common to see people relaxing in their golf carts on weekends in parks in many European and American countries.

However golf carts are constantly being updated and the batteries you use may be facing obsolescence as well. You should be aware of this problem. Therefore, you have to consider replacing your battery with the latest state-of-the-art one.

Today I will introduce you to a golf cart battery brand, Aolithium, and the excellent lithium ion batteries they sell.

Why do we recommend Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for golf carts?

If you are using lead-acid batteries, you must be wondering why lithium iron phosphate batteries are more recommended. With the continuous research and development of battery materials, the traditional lead-acid batteries have gradually gone into decline because of their excessive weight and short life span. At the same time, the lithium battery, because of its long life, does not leak, light weight, small size and other advantages, is becoming more and more popular and loved by everyone. 

In addition, it has very many advantages, next, I will introduce in detail.

Perhaps you've read a very large amount of information, but there are some more unique perspectives in my article that will catch your eye.

Higher efficiency

LiFePO4 batteries are capable of providing high discharge pulse rates over a period of time. It also has a constant discharge voltage. This is why electric vehicles using lithium iron phosphate batteries have faster acceleration from the start. Whereas, electric vehicles using lead-acid batteries are slow to accelerate, this is because lead-acid batteries cannot be discharged for a short period of time.

48V battery charge curve

By comparing the same 48V lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, we found that lithium iron phosphate batteries do have a higher efficiency.

Longer life span

If you have been using lead-acid batteries for ten years, then I have reason to believe that you have replaced them ten times. Typically, under normal use, the life of a lead-acid battery is about one year.

Happily, lithium iron phosphate batteries last 10 times longer. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are the best deep-cycle batteries. Typically, lithium iron phosphate batteries can be deep-cycled more than 4,000 times. This means that with reasonable use, they can last more than 0 years. This is actually a drop in cost. One investment, ten years of use.

Low self-discharge rate

Basically all types of batteries will self-discharge, it is unavoidable. You can read the details in my article. But lithium iron phosphate batteries excel, with most lithium-ion batteries having self-discharge rates between 0.5 and 3% per month at room temperature. Lead-acid batteries, on the other hand, can self-discharge at rates of up to 8% per month.

High battery capacity but low weight

A lithium-ion battery with the same energy storage will weigh 5 times less than a lead-acid battery. This is the reason people choose it. It is more portable and easier to replace.

Faster charging

Li-ion batteries can be charged 4 times faster than lead-acid batteries. Many of the batteries now even support with higher voltage to achieve fast charging results. This technology is well established in lithium batteries for cell phones, and I believe that in the near future, this technology will also be used in golf carts.

Resistant to extreme weather

Take the Aolithium battery as an example. It can be charged at 0℃-55℃. The discharge temperature range is -20°C-60°C. Normally, you can store it at -20℃-35℃. It will not have any damage.

However, if you use lead-acid batteries, you need to pay extra attention to the temperature situation. Especially in cold winter, the power of lead-acid batteries will seem insufficient.


More environmentally friendly

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful metals. They are non-polluting, non-toxic, and less costly than other lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries. In addition, lithium iron phosphate batteries can be recycled, which will further reduce resource waste.

The best LiFePO4 batteries to recommend

We have covered the reasons why 12V batteries can be adapted to most golf carts. Therefore, we have selected a few of the best 12V LiFePO4 batteries for you from different perspectives.

1.Best long life golf cart battery: 4S 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery


If you want your battery to last as long as possible, consider this one. This battery can still cycle more than 4000 times deeply at 90% DOD. If it is 80% DOD, it can cycle more than 6000 times. Use it normally and it will be with you for 15 years. This battery allows 4 strings and 4 parallels and can reach a maximum power of 20480W.569.99 USD is a very good price. Think about its longevity and features and you'll think it's worth it.

2. Best safe golf cart battery: 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery


This battery has a built-in BMS, which provides low and high temperature protection for the battery. If the battery is at risk of overcharging, the BMS will front disconnect the power. In addition, the battery has a large storage temperature range. It can be stored at -20°C to 35°C. It can also adapt to extreme environments, Charge:0℃~55℃, Discharge:-20℃~60℃, such excellent performance is far beyond other batteries.

3. Fastest Charging Golf Cart Battery: 12V 33Ah LiFePO4 Battery


This mid-sized 33Ah model is half the weight of a standard SLA battery, twice the power, charges 25% faster, and requires zero maintenance. It's a great value. This battery is currently on sale at a special price of only $139.99.

I've covered how to charge LiFePO4 batteries and how to choose chargers, you can learn more.

4.Best budget choice for golf cart battery:12V 20Ah LiFePO4 Battery


If you have a small budget, you have to pay attention to this battery. After our test, it only costs $0.2 per cycle. This battery only costs $99.99. In addition, it can also deep cycle more than 2000 times at 90% DOD. Look at it this way, it is not more good value for money.

More Benefits of Aolithium LiFePO4 battery

Why is Aolithium worth your attention? Because compared to other similar batteries, we have made more efforts in some details.

  • Built-in BMS, which will effectively protect your battery from damage. Under normal use, we can assume it can do zero maintenance.
  • More precise package. The battery is waterproof.
  • Sophisticated Bluetooth module. You can connect Bluetooth through your phone to monitor the status of the battery in real time. You can also control the battery remotely, and the Bluetooth can still connect from 50 meters away.
  • Excellent structural design. Internal wires will not cross short circuit, each part connected tightly, sealed insulation. (Other brands tend to ignore this point)
  • The 100Ah battery can be discharged up to 200Ah, which is verified by Will Prowse.
  • The air cushion inside the cover above the battery is ideal for use in extreme environments.
  • Can be used with solar panels.
  • 8 year warranty


In 2023, if you want to upgrade your golf cart's battery to a lithium battery, consider these angles. Aolithium is a good choice. To learn more about Aolithium LiFePO4 batteries, please contact info@aolithium.com, we will take your questions seriously.

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  • brett campbell

    I have a Coleman/Kandi 4P 48V AGM golf cart. It’s 1 year old. I have it tuned so motor max rpm is 6000. Motor is 400amp max and 130amp continuous. If I go lithium what exactly do I need to purchase from you? Do I get a new charges, all the connecting cables, etc?

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