How to read and understand the app

  • I'm a little confused on what current and power refer to on the app. Can anyone educate me on this? And what I need to pay attention to the most?

  • It appears that no one has an answer. I won't be buying these anymore!!

  • Sorry, we didn't process your message in time. If you have a question, you can send us your specific question to our email address and we will solve it for you. Also, to show our apologies, we will offer you a $20 coupon. We hope to have your understanding.

  • Hi Bob. I just got my batteries a month ago, I hope this helps.
    The Current is showing you in Amps, how much is going in or out of your battery. A charge of 1 amp is charging your battery, a -1 amp is showing a discharge of your battery. Power is the Watts going in and out of your battery. 10 watts of Power is charging your battery while -10 Watts is discharging your battery. When your battery is being discharged, you will see a Estimated Runtime of how long your battery will last at that rate. Hope this helps.

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