Charging with portable inverter generator

  • My travel trailer is equipped with the standard converter for charging a deep cell or AGM, which I realize doesn't have the voltage to completely charge up the LiFePO4 battery that I just purchased from aolithium on its own, even with shore power. And I don't plan to swap it out anytime soon since the trailer is only a couple years old.

    However, I plan to use my Champion inverter generator with an external 50amp LieFePO4 (variable) dedicated charger to charge it, if necessary, in the same manner I did with the AGM that came with the trailer, by plugging the LiFePO4 charger into the Champion generator and the cables from that charger to the battery. I've been told by our technician that that is a safe and simple way of insuring that the battery gets completely charged when needed.

    Most of our trips are a few nights at best, with minimal power draw, plus we use an EcoFlow inside for running other items inside the trailer when not connected to shore power, so I'm not realy concerned about the available power with the new battery to begin with. I'll see what info the app displays as we begin using it soon.

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