App functions ... can the app change the discharge disconnect level?

  • Is it possible to use the app to change the "Battery Over-discharge voltage" level?  I would like to set it fairly high (ex: 30%), so that an unexpected battery drain cannot actually drain the whole battery.  That way the limit could be adjusted down to normal to allow starting the vehicle.

  • Hello Alan,

    1) Our lithium batteries are deep cycle batteries and cannot be used as starting batteries for vehicles.

    2) The "Battery Over-discharge voltage" level can be changed, but after the data is modified, the battery will not be 100% discharged.

    You can follow these steps to modify:

    1) Download the xiaoxiang app on your Android device using the attached installation file (I have sent it to your email). 
    2) Connect the Aolithum battery after opening the App.
    3) Click on the menu on the top left corner and then click on PARAMS SETTING.
    4) Scroll down to find the two items: Undervoltage, Undervoltage release.

    You can modify the Undervoltage data to higher, corresponding to the Undervoltage release data should also be modified (0.5v higher than the Undervoltage data, for example, if the Undervoltage is 3.1v, then the Undervoltage release should be 3.6v)

    5) Finally click the ☑️ in the upper right corner to save.

  • @Alan McR

    The email we sent you was returned, can you provide us with another email address? 

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