12V 10AH battery can't be charged.

  • My 12V 10AH battery can't be charged after being fully discharged.

  • As the battery is completely discharged to an undervoltage protected state, so the general charger can not charge the battery.
    The battery can be restarted in several ways:
    1) Charging the battery with a lithium charger with 0V start function.
    2) Or activate the battery with an adjustable switching power supply (current limit ≤ 0.5C, constant voltage 14.6V).
    3) Or you can use a lead-acid charger with a 50-ohm resistor to activate.
    Please note: do not completely discharge the battery, we recommend charging it at no less than 10% power.

  • To make it simpler : you have your battery on the bench and you have your lithium charger connected to your lithium battery then get your regular car battery charger and touch the lithium battery terminals until you hear your lithium battery charger fan turn on ( less than 1 min.) Then disconnect your regular car battery charger from the lithium battery.

    It worked for me I learned it from YouTube couldn't get any customer service here but I believe that we got to help one another, they can improve their website by adding videos or redirect addresses to YouTube to troubleshoot if they're not going to be answering their phones or chat or email good battery just bad customer service sad😢

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