Is this charger OK for your batteries?

  • 14.4v absorption

    13.4v float

  • yes

  • @Aolithium Battery I'm confused on the type of charger you can use on your batteries. I thought a float charger at 13vdc wasn't good? So is it okay to use the builtin charger/converter in my RV?

  • Hi Bob, Newer charge/converters have a liFePO4 setting, older ones can reach 14.8 Volts BULK to sometimes 15 volts during Equalization for lead acid batteries and can overcharge and damage a LiFePO4 battery. Just saying.

  • @Bob Parish Hi Bob, Check to see the charging voltage of your RV, if it is 13.6 volts, you can use it safely but you won't be charging to the full potential of your LiFePO4 battery. If it is a three stage charger, it might over charge your battery and that would be bad.

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