Float and Storage Voltage

  • Hi all,

    What's the float and storage voltage for the 100ah battery?

    TIA -Mike

  • Dear Michael,
    The 12V 100Ah battery float voltage is 14V, storage temperature -20°C~ 35°C / -4°F~95°F.

    If you need to store your batteries for a long time in the off-season, there are 3 simple ways to keep your lithium batteries at the best performance.

    1. Store In A Dry Room Temperature or Moisture-proof Packaging
    Generally, extreme cold or extreme heat will shorten the life of the battery. If stored at room temperature, the cells inside the battery will stay healthier and last longer. Keep away from heat sources and do not place in direct sunlight.

    2. Charge Your Lithium Battery Every 3 Months
    Lithium batteries stored for a long time without use should be kept at 50%-60% charge, and should be recharged every 3 months and charged and discharged every 6 months. Just like your car, even if you don't drive it often, it's important to start your car on every so often to prevent premature battery death.
    If your battery is completely depleted, it is difficult for the Battery Management System (BMS) to "wake up the battery" and bring its battery back to normal use. It is better to keep the battery charged than to let it be completely depleted.

    3. Fully Charge Your Battery Every Time You Use It
    When you use your battery, sometimes individual cells will discharge faster than others. Giving your battery a full charge will allow the cells inside to reach self-balance, which in turn will give your battery maximum runtime.

  • How do you go about discharging it after charging every 3 or 6 months, if it's not hooked up to anything (i.e., trailer)? I currently have it stored indoors at 55% SOC and have a dedicated charger to recharge as needed, but then what? The way I got it down to 55% last time was to leave it connected to the trailer with all the lights on for almost 2 days. Barely draws any voltage. Great for the battery and power. Difficult to drain when not in use.

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