I'm trying to attach cables in a way that they do not stick out the side of the battery where they attach to the termin

  • I have a couple of your 12v 100ah batteries on the way.

    I notice they come with recessed terminals designed for ring terminal cables that are secured by an 8mm bolt. The problem I'm anticipating is thst the cables and ring terminals are going to stick out the side and make it impossible to mount the battery flush against a wall on the terminal side. 

    Are there any other alternative terminals that you can recommend? For instance are there products that can extend the height of the 8mm bolt so the ring terminal cable can face any direction? Or can I convert the 8mm terminals to the bolt-on terminals that are used commonly in car batteries?

  • There are two ways to solve the problem:
    1) Use shims in the recessed terminals, shim thickness not less than 8 mm.
    The recommended shims size: M8*20*8
    Inner diameter: M8
    Outer diameter: 20mm (allowable error ±1mm)
    Thickness: ≥8mm (If the thickness is less than 8mm, you can put a few more, for example, with 2× 4mm shims)

    2) Or use the tool to break the OT terminal to 90°, As shown in the figure below.

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